Permanent Staffing

“Secured, Permanent job days are gone”. Nowadays we often hear this sentence, right from top industrialists to laymen. This perception created has its roots in traditional HR practices of cutting costs down. The first casualty of any such action is the permanent staff. However, permanent employees are an important and critical factor for growth of the organization. In fact if you look at any company and its workforce composition, permanent staff dominates temporary staff and consultants. Even with the advent of flexi-staffing services and increased agility, it is very important for any company to find the right mix of permanent and temporary workforce.

Most of the staffing agencies are unable to meet statutory requirements, match the requisite skillsets and meet timelines to fill the vacancies. These challenges are coupled with lack of proper background verification documents. It suffices to say that hiring of permanent staff into you organizations need the utmost attention.

We at Staffworx understand your need of the hour. We have a robust & experienced team of consultants who are completely dedicated to helping your company attain its business goals. Our time-proven practices and best-in-class experts ensure that you get the best talent at any level, with the fastest turnaround time. To achieve this we follow some basic and simple steps.

These 8 simple steps will fulfill your need of permanent staffing.

While speaking of permanent staff, it is interesting to understand the longevity factor associated with it. The permanent workforce in any company is its foundation. Staffworx, a leading staffing company based in Pune, with its best team having proven experience in permanent staffing services, helps you to make this foundation stronger than ever. Besides having a strong network of recruiting experts, Staffworx collaborative strategies to select the best fit for your company's culture and business needs are employed and applied client specific.