Contact To Hire Staffing

The average time-to-fill-a-position in India is 36 days, reveal some recent studies done in India. The American average for this process is 23 days. This means after even spending more than a month to finalize a candidate, businesses are not sure if the selected candidate will perform to his best capabilities or will stay with the organization for a reasonably longer duration. These eternal challenges faced by Talent Acquisition and HR heads in any organization can be handled by a hybrid approach of temporary/contract and direct hiring. It is called contract-to-hire staffing.

Contract-to-hire staffing service is basically a privilege of taking a ‘test drive’ of the candidate’s potential job performance. It is an effective approach as it provides the leverage of hiring the candidate after his temporary or contract staffing period (usually of 3 to 6 months) is over. The organization can test the candidate’s fit, core skill competence, presentation and soft skills and then take a call about filling the position on a permanent basis.

Staffworx Services is a leader in providing contract to hire services, especially to IT companies. Information Technology (IT) sector heavily depends on every individual’s performance. Every single bad hire by any IT company affects its goodwill and profit margins. This is the primary driving factor behind most of IT companies preferring contract-to-hire mode of placements